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The Team

    Curtis M. Coward

Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Coward is the CEO of Arceland Development and manages day-to-day operations. Previously he was a Partner in McGuire Woods, LLP, a leading American law firm, specializing in corporate, infrastructure and project finance law. In that capacity, he both represented and served on boards of directors of public companies in the US. His clients included Bank of America, Disney and Ford. In addition he managed the firm's international legal practice, including its extensive activities throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He served as special counsel to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Geology in a series of hydrocarbon and hard mineral exploration concession agreements valued in excess of $10 Billion. He was also instrumental in structuring and closing the €500 Million Maritza East III power plant rehabilitation project, the first major post-Communist foreign direct investment in Bulgaria. Mr. Coward is a graduate of Denison University and the College of William and Mary Law School. He resides full time in Sofia.

    Christos Mouroutis

Founder, Managing Partner and Development Manager

Mr. Mouroutis is an Athens College (1983) alumnus and has studied Law in the University of Thrace (1989). Between 1993 and 1996 he formed and managed the shipping company “Unibros Shipping Greece Ltd”, a dry cargo liner operating between the Black Sea and the Far East. Following the sale of the company, in late 1996 Mr. Mouroutis founded UCI, a telecom investment company, which was sold to the Nasdaq- listed company “e-Globe Inc” in 1999. From 1999 to 2002, after relocating to Sofia, Mr. Mouroutis owned and operated “Bitex”, a web, software and bandwidth provider in Bulgaria, listed in the Bulgarian Stock Exchange as “EuroCapital Bitex”, before forming EuroCapital Finance in mid 2002. EuroCapital was responsible for some of the largest and most successful land assemblages in Bulgaria and is also a large scale investor in the same sector. Two of the assemblages produced returns in excess of 400% to the investors involved. EuroCapital created the Arceland Development platform in late 2006 together with leading international investors from New York, Boston and Kuwait. Since its formation Arceland Development has assembled, acquired and now manages a real estate portfolio in Sofia including over 440,000m2 valued at more than €150 million. Mr. Mouroutis is currently an active management member in Arceland’s operations in Sofia, where he focuses on business development, capital raise and banking relations. He is also elected Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Land and Property Owners (BULLPOA), the organ which promotes and protects the landlord interests in the country.

He is fluent in Bulgarian, Greek and English and speaks French.

    Dimosthenis Charakidas

Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Charakidas currently serves as the chief financial officer (CFO) of Arceland. He also serves as a financial consultant to the University of Athens regarding EU funded programs and e-learning courses. Mr. Charakidas has substantial experience in financial management and initial public offerings for companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange in his former capacity as Vice President and Managing Director of Hellenic Business Network S.A., a financial consulting company. He is responsible for all of Arceland’s financial planning, bookkeeping, disbursement and financial reporting activities. Mr. Charakidas is a graduate of the University of Athens with a degree in Economics. He is fluent is Greek and English.

    Dimitrina Tsankova

Chief Accountant

Born in 1977 in Sofia. Graduated in a specialized Economic and Business Administration High School in Sofia and received her MBA from the University of National and World Economy. She has 8 years of work experience as Chief Accountant in major Bulgarian companies, owned by international investors. In 2004 she formed, together with EuroCapital, the accounting and tax planning company "EuroTarget Ltd", which serves currently 47 companies and is an internal accounting, finance and tax planning of Arceland. Dimitrina speaks Bulgarian and English fluently.
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